Lift-off to new musical spheres

The Main Device



The New Keyboard

A special new keyboard, about to change the world of music, has become reality.
Here, you may take glimpse of the future of music, since an instrument like that has not been constructed before.
A music never dreamt of and never imagined, and sounds never heard before are waiting for you - are you ready?

Lift-off to new musical spheres

The keyboard contains 16 instead of 12 keys per octave and opens up harmonic, melodic and chromatic lines. Hitting a key enables you to transpose different systems, and you can produce conventional scales as well as completely new ones that have never been heard before

By combination of two manuals you may produce numerically difficult intervals and chords in a most simple way - and with precise tuning! It is a keyboard which will catch the interest of musicologists as well as of practising musicians who will be able to create endlessly new sounds of an entirely new music of most unusual chords, sounds, scales and sound mixtures. Only a switch turns over from overtone- to undertone-scales, and new opportunities to create sounds arise - major/minor - minor/major -in most colourful facets.

You can build chains, series and arithmetic scales, even create new sounds by additive sound synthesis, simply by hitting some keys of the keyboard, thus producing new effects without limits.